Join me for my first VIRTUAL conversation/conference on Saturday, August 1st through Monday, August 3rd (6pm to 8pm Eastern each night). We are hosting a “Sip & Share” concerning the topic of identity for women in Christ. It is going to be a time of sisterhood, fellowship, and life-transforming insight from a plethora of women from all over the country. Each night will feature a special “sip” and a “share” from a different collection of women from every walk of life – from stay-at-home wives and moms to ministers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Don’t miss a moment. Click the registration link below for the full conference agenda. REGISTER HERE! See flyer for event information.


*Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all live events through June 2020 are postponed. Please join me on Facebook and Instagram for virtual book readings and online sisterhood chats.

For access to the Virtual Sisterhood Soiree events please join my private Facebook group. We have been having some transparent and life-changing conversations in there.


My book, “Memoirs of a Nigerian in Christ – Lessons in A Life of Faith,” is available for purchase. This work chronicles my journey of life and faith as a Nigerian living in America. I began writing this book in 2016 after giving birth to our second child. Although I knew and remembered vividly God’s vision and purpose for my life, as a new mom of a toddler and a newborn, it felt like I was spinning my wheels. Emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually, I was drifting and desperately needed an anchor. Although I was a believer at the time, I was having what I can only describe as an identity crisis. Everything I knew about myself shrunk away as I began to transform into a shell of my former self. Try as I did, I could not pin all of my hopes and happiness on my husband and our two boys. Despite my deep love for them, I knew that there was something missing from the big picture of my life. Over the next four years from 2016 to 2020, God and I went on a journey. The Holy Spirit through several strategic friendships and sisterhood in my life began to unveil where I fit into God’s plans for His daughters, and the truth of God has transformed my life ever since. This book is 400 pages of my most poignant experiences and lessons as a woman of faith. If you are interested in a personalized copy, please contact me. Paperback and e-copies are available for sale through all book retailers. See the purchase link – buy my book on Amazon!

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